Welcome to a tribute to The Romp.

Back in the day when making flash movies was cool lot of people were out there were doing things like frog in a blender and gerbil in a microwave.  One fella Joe Cartoons had, and displayed via flash movies an extended hatred of gerbils which were hilarious.

However one such fella stood head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion, one Eric Eisner.  Eric started producing a series of movies know as Booty Call where the sole intention of the game was to get laid. Playing a drink & drug abusing sexaholic going by the name Jake you amble through different scenarios and events desperately trying to get lucky with any women that gets in the way.

booty-call-at-gtx-22Running for a total of 33 episodes gaining in more intricate game play and clever plots as they progress they are all very entertaining and fun.
If they were all real  movies the warning before it starts would say "contains scenes of a sexual nature and adult themes from the outset" that way you know they are going to be good.

I had to wait for each of these to be written and released week after week and now theromp.com is a snowboarding clothing shop and nothing to do with big pimp daddy Jake at all.  So knowing these would come in useful at some point and wanting to share these with the rest of the world here are the full 33 episodes including the three extra add ons that followed.

I hope you enjoy them as I did back in the day.

There are other Romp flash games and movies around and I will envisage to collect and display them here when I get the time and to show I am serious I have just added the Metalica V's Napster fight that The Romp Played out.

A very funny parody of how Metalica campaigned to have the peer to peer file sharing program Napster shut down for allowing people to download their songs for free.
Like I said very very funny, unless you are Metalica of course

Check back soon and see what's next.

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